Online Dating for Music Lovers

Our mission is to ignite a vibrant culture around a shared love for music and people.

About Curiously

We build technologies and curate events that make finding your perfect match easier and more meaningful.

At the core of love, you will find curiosity; that's why we created We know that music makes more meaningful matches, so we built an innovative matching algorithm that enables you to find your best match based on your tastes in music. We're here to help you find love by curating an engaged community of music enthusiasts. Thanks, and enjoy!

Team Members

Grant Powell

Digital innovator, and an almost famous, digital dating expert.


For over a decade, Grant has served as a digital agency leader, including Pomegranate/PWLL. Prior to that, he was a founding member of the bands Lifehouse and Dawes. And yes, he met his wife online.

Grant is also a well-known numismatist, and founder of the Numismatic Database project.

Timothy Wilson

Lover of music and people.

Jenny Gillan

Singing AND dancing in the rain.