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Small Black Electro-indie pop.

Formed at the tail-end of 2008 as a bedroom recording project, Small Black first made waves with their eponymous debut EP. Recorded in the attic of singer Josh's uncle's remote Long Island beach-house/surfboard workshop...

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Twin Shadow

Nicholas Nicholas Hauntingly beautiful indie.

If you're looking to catch a live show in New York or Brooklyn, one band to look out for is Nicholas Nicholas. Their brand of synthy outsider pop is haunting and atmospheric. It's really hard to draw musical comparisons because their music really is it's own thing. One track I've been thoroughly obsessed with is "Meet Me in the Park"- it's the perfect track for that late-night walk alone.

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Nicholas Nicholas

Twin Shadow A necessary dose of synthpop.

Twin Shadow is the brainchild of George Lewis Jr. His sound is chillwave-induced synth pop, with touches of R&B. His albums are amazingly addictive and hooky. Here's a playlist with a few of my favorites.

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Twin Shadow

Ariel Pink Lo-fi manic pop.

If you haven't heard of Ariel Pink, you're missing out. The L.A. based Pink has been churning out weirdo lo-fi pop for over a decade mostly under the moniker Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. His catalog is daunting, but if you're looking for a start I suggest his album "Pom Pom", released this month, it offers a broad look at some of the textures that have carved out his unique pop sound.

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Ariel Pink