Introducing "Curiously"

Curiosity leads to discovery.

If we follow it, we find things we weren’t looking for. Sometimes we follow our need for discovery on a vague sensation or feeling, and when we find it, it feels like something that was always there, something that was waiting to be found. This is where curiosity can take you. To places you’ve never been and experiences you’ve never had.

Our lives evolve and transcend when we follow our curiosity. It’s what defines us as people. It’s what makes us unique and broadens our lives. was founded on this emotion, and it is at the very heart of everything we do.

We know the thrill of wasting the afternoon away flipping through albums at a record store, all on the hope of stumbling upon the next great record, or your next favorite band. Or the feeling we get when we listen to that song for the first time, and it resonates so deeply, you ask yourself “How did I ever live without this?” Curiosity is a driving force. It is powerful. It dispels our uncertainty and allows us to step surely into the unknown.

Music is fueled by this emotion, and it constantly evolves to new levels of complexity because of musicians who forgot about the conventions and dared to act Curiously.

At the core of love, you will find Curiosity.

It’s what makes us think about that guy or girl that you shared a glance with on the subway. It’s what keeps us searching for the person to share our experience of life with. It’s the path that leads us to new interesting people, and meaningful relationships. Without it, we are left to routine and dullness. It is our curiosity that makes us dream.

We believe that music and love share an intimate connection. Music allows us to relate to each other on a deeper, more personal level. It creates the soundtrack of our lives and crystallizes moments. Music evokes love, and love evokes music, and at times they are synonymous with each other.

That’s why we created


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