It’s Time to Evolve: Stop procrastinating and go create your online dating profile!

Online dating started as a dirty little secret - something few admitted to using.

As it evolved, online dating became "acceptable." The way binge watching an entire television series in a weekend is acceptable.

But there's a new movement in online dating. In our brave new world where everything is digital, and privacy is dead, online dating has become something more than acceptable - it has become the preferred way to meet new people. The easy way. The new way. The most effective way.

In the past, we were limited to finding new love through either chance encounters or set-up's by friends. You had to get lucky, you had to be at the right place at the right time, and if not, then your options were severely limited.

With online dating it's no longer about chance. It's about efficiency and finding new and interesting people that actually match with what you value most in a person. At, our online dating network will give you the opportunity to connect with countless users in your area and across the country.

But it's not just about quantity.

Online dating matching algorithms are ever-evolving. Ours is pretty unique as we match you based on your tastes in music. That's right - we believe that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then your favorite song is worth a thousand profile questions. Stop filling out lengthy profiles and simply sign up with your Spotify account so that we can find you the best possible matches.

Now is the time for you to set up that profile that all of your friends have been nagging you about. Go. Do it. It only takes 30 seconds at


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